The Magic of Christmas

We had the best Christmas! We primarily spent time with the Mosley side, as we try to switch off between families each year. Christmas Eve we tried to have a relaxing day with just our little family. The key word being… tried. I had this perfect plan to make overnight cinnamon rolls the night before and I could wake up, throw them in the oven and have piping hot cinnamon rolls with my boys on Christmas Eve morning. I spent a few hours the night before making the rolls and then let them rise on the counter overnight. Well, they didn’t really rise and turned into rock hard, doughy tasting disasters. I was so upset…. but Ryan whisked us away to Cinnabon to save the day! Cinnabon cinnamon rolls are the best tasting thing on the planet, so I wasn’t upset for long. I think we may have started a new tradition. Making homemade cinnamon rolls is for the birds!

I took Jay to visit my Grandma Mosley for a few minutes. We brought her a Christmas card and spent a few minutes talking to her. She always cries when she sees us and it is sweet and heartbreaking. This is her first Christmas without my Grandpa and it felt good to be able to visit her. Jay was showing off for all of the residents at her home. He found a broom and was sweeping the floor, and my dad even took Jay for a ride on Grandma’s walker. He was making car noises and it was just the cutest thing.


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Law School Graduation!!!

The day of Ryan’s law school graduation was definitely one of the happiest days of our lives.  I was so excited to take a day to celebrate the most important guy in my life. Ryan doesn’t usually like the spotlight on him, but he reluctantly let me make the day all about him.

His graduation ceremony was great! It was so fun to see him walk in with all the other graduates in his cap and gown. It was amazing to hear them read his name and watch him walk across the stage. I’m just so proud of all that he has accomplished. Graduating law school is no small feat!

I can’t really express in words what how big of a deal this journey has been to our family. We have learned and grown so much together throughout his days in school. We have conquered challenges we would have never anticipated. We have really cherished any quality time we were able to spend together. 

We had a small get together with family after the graduation. The grandparents and other family members came by to congratulate Ryan. I think everyone there felt a lot of pride and happiness for Ryan and this huge accomplishment. Ryan still has to take down the bar exam, but we can the light at the end of the tunnel! Congrats on graduating, bae!

Temple Lights

We took Jay to the temple lights for the first time ever! He really liked the lights, but overall was super grumpy. Definitely acting like the toddler that he is. Luckily we were able to capture a few sweet moments… I guess we’ll try for a spiritual visit next year….


Thanksgiving 2016

img_9060Thanksgiving was a crazy, busy day… as usual! Thanksgiving morning I worked out and then hurried home to get ready for the festivities. We had our first meal at noon with my mom’s side of the family. Our group is so big that we have to reserve a church building to fit everyone in. The highlight was that my dad picked up my Grandma Mosley to join us for dinner. She is the sweetest and just cries happy tears when she sees us. But she especially loves Jay. We were only able to stay about an hour and then we hurried over to the Skousen side.Β  Continue reading

Halloween 2016


This Halloween was my favorite to date. We were so excited for our first official year of trick-or-treating with Jay!Β Ryan and I also really love planning our costumes and dressing up as family.

On Halloween night, Ryan came home from school early to help me get Jay ready. Jay sat very still and let Ryan do his hair and get him all dressed and ready to go. Mike, Lachelle, Kim and Cole came along to trick-or-treat with us. Jay caught on to the concept really quickly! He loved knocking on each door, and he especially loved putting candy into his bucket. We made a loop around our neighborhood and he walked/ran the entire time. Continue reading